Business Catalytics was founded in 2016 by Rob Ciampa, an accomplished sales, marketing, product, and services executive. The goal was to help companies identify, prioritize, and tackle the increasingly complex problems preventing them from successfully competing in their chosen markets. The company’s genesis goes back fifteen years earlier, shortly after the dot-com bubble crippled many viable organizations, when Rob was brought in to help get the businesses moving in the right direction: revenue, customers, partnerships, and market presence.

With a background in engineering and patents in data and analytics, Rob began developing quantitative models to help him identify where to apply limited corporate resources to turn around these companies and allow them to grow in their respective markets. The key was to use these models to figure out the necessary things that needed to be done while eliminating activities that would have little or no business impact. The results were stunning: successful sales, newfound profitability, and accelerated corporate growth.

Prior to that, Rob moved to the Cambridge Innovation Center to join early-stage startup Pixability as its head of marketing and sales. Pixability became Boston’s fastest-growing, privately-held company, earned a coveted spot on the Inc 500 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and received the top award for best places to work. While there, Pixability embraced data science to become a pioneer in the use of data for marketing, media, and competitive analysis. Rob and his team produced data-driven and actionable annual studies that became benchmarks for global brands. This work was also applied to industries that were becoming increasingly digital, including automotive, consumer electronics, sports, fashion and beauty, and more.

Rob came up through the Italian restaurant and wine business in Boston’s historic North End to become a tech entrepreneur, provocative business speaker, best-selling book author, successful operations, sales, marketing, product, and services executive. 

  • Brought more than 80 products to market generating $2 billion in revenue
  • 2 Patents in Analytics and Data Visualization
  • 2 Cannes Lions Nominations
  • Many Products of the Year Awards
  • Multiple SXSW Speaker
  • Techstars Alumnus
  • Advisor to Multiple Startups
  • Numerous Marketing Awards
  • BS CS UMass Lowell, Honors
  • MS EE UMass Lowell, Honors
  • MBA, Boston University, Honors


  • Transformed a struggling tech company into #1 fastest-growing privately-held company in Boston and awarded Inc 500 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  • Restructured indirect sales channel for Fortune 500 firm and grew business unit revenue from $30 million to $100 million in one year
  • Co-invented and brought to market a disruptive enterprise product that generated $250 million in 1st year revenue
  • Started 3 companies employing more than 400 people
  • Turned around 2 companies that were both subsequently acquired
  • Conducted and published market research in diverse industries including automotive, consumer electronics, sports, and fashion and beauty